Learn, how to raise funds for your startup!

The Financing & Funding BOOTCAMP is a 6-week course for founders. With a combination of online sessions, exercises and networking, you will finish the BOOTCAMP with everything you need to raise funds. 



The Financing & Funding BOOTCAMP is a 6 week program for the next step for your startup. The goal of the BOOTCAMP is to enable you and your startup to raise funds and finance your idea in the future. 

For whom?

For founders who want to finance their startup and raise funds. The BOOTCAMP is made for everyone who wants to understand how the financing & fundraising works and wants to do raise the funds by themselves.  


The BOOTCAMP is 100% online and accessible digitally. The Online Meetings, Exercises, Templates & Best Practices as well as the  

Group and Networks are all accessible from everywhere. The BOOTCAMP is in English and German. 


Many founders have good ideas, but they don't know how to finance them. Good ideas need funds to make them real. The BOOTCAMP is teaching you how to raise the funds and how to find your next investment. 


During the BOOTCAMP you will attend Online Sessions in small groups (5-10) with peers. You will receive Exercises, Templates & Best Practices. The BOOTCAMP will provide a network. All resources and community will be accessible long-term, also after attending the BOOTCAMP. 



Before the BOOTCAMP will start, you will get access to preparation materials, the collaboration platform and network with other participants. Furthermore, you will receive first exercise to prepare the first week of the BOOTCAMP. 

Week 1 - Intro & Preparation Phase

The BOOTCAMP will start with an introdcution. We will meet as a group the first time and set expectations in a first online session. Furthermore, knowledge and insights will be provided for the first phase of a fundraising: the preparation phase. You will receive templates & best practices to work on your individual preparation for the fundraising. 

Week 2 - Investor Approach 

The second week will start with an online session in which you will have the chance to present your fundraising preparation plan and receive feedback. In a next step, the next fundraising phase will be introduced: the investor approach. You will work on your individual investor list and approach during the week. 

Week 3 - Due Diligence 

After creating the individual investor approach, the third week will provide knowledge and insights on the investor communication and due diligence phase. Additionally, best practices will be shared and you will set up and test various tools and procedures during the week. 

Week 4 - Negotiations

In week 4, you will share your individual due diligence structure and will be challenged by the group. During the week, you will receive contract templates and get familiar with the last phase of a fundraising: the negotiations. You will receive knowledge about contracts and negotiations with investors. 

Week 5 - Summary & Recap

The BOOTCAMP will sum up the knowledge of all four phases of the fundraising. This week will focus on the expectations which were set at the beginning, all open topics and questions of you. To start the fundraising sucessfully after the BOOTCAMP, your individual roadmap will be planned. 

Week 6 - Roadmap & Next steps

In the last week, your roadmaps and concrete next steps will be presented. Follow-ups, idea exchanges and feedback is the focus of this week. The goal is to have a concrete plan for the upcoming weeks and a strong network which supports your roadmap. Also, we will celebrate the end of the BOOTCAMP. 


After the BOOTCAMP is finished, you will be part of the TransAgency community. You will have access to the network to further grow your startup with the focus on product and business development as well as building up a team. We will stay in contact with you and also provide a newsletter. Whenever required, you can always book a 1:1 session or follow up course with us for dicounted prices. 

About me

My background in investment banking, private equity and (corporate) venture capital allowed me to see many founders and startups in the past. Many ideas could not grow due to a lack of financial resources and know-how. This is where I would like to support you as a founder. With relevant knowledge, a network and courage, the BOOTCAMP will enable you as a founder to plan and execute the fundraising in the future by yourself. 



The price includes the 6 week Financing & Funding BOOTCAMP.

Founders: €1299 (excl. VAT)
Students & Dicount Holders: €899 (excl. VAT)*

*Students need to send their immatriculation confirmation. Discount holders are members of associations and startup programs as well as discount code holders. Please request whether any discount applies. 

Online registration

Please register below for the BOOTCAMP and send us your preferred starting date.

September 2021 (registration by July 2021)

November 2021 (registration by September 2021)

Please send us any questions you may have or your BOOTCAMP registration. 


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