Learn, how to develop your business!

A wide scope of ideas, initiatives, and activities that help growing your business. 

From business plan to business in 5 steps.

1. Status quo of business pland and goals


2. Creation of business development plan


3. Execution and testing of opportunities


4. Strategic decisions based on experiences


5. Strategic growth


Prices & Services

BOOTCAMP Business Development

The price includes the 6 week program.

Founders: €1299 (excl. VAT)
Students & Dicount Holders: €899 (excl. VAT)*

*Students need to send their immatriculation confirmation. Discount holders are members of associations and startup programs as well as discount code holders. Please request whether any discount applies. 


You are a startup and you want to book the Programme as a 1-day workshop for your firm?

Workshop: €950 (excl. VAT)*

*The workshop works best if the founders bring more employees to the workshop to effectively distribute responsibilites for the business development afterwards. Therewith, everybody has the same knowledge.

Interim Business Development


Price: monthly fee

About me

My background in investment banking, private equity and (corporate) venture capital allowed me to see many investors and founders in the past. Many ideas could not grow due to a lack of financial resources and know-how. This is where I would like to support you as a founder. With relevant knowledge, a network and courage, we will build up your business development and deliver the business plan!


Please send us any questions you may have or interest in working together with us!


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